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Bright Fleet Services is located off 35W, just south of Lakeville Mn in Elko New Market

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Keep Your Paid Off Equipment & Avoid New Diesel Emission Fluid Systems

Rebuilding or restoring trucks helps keep your business profitable. Rebuilding a truck rather than buying new is becoming an attractive offer for a couple of reasons: avoiding unnecesary financial debt and avoiding new diesel systems that require DEF or diesel emission burnoff fluid.

Why Restore or Rebuild Old Semi-Trucks & Heavy Duty Big Rigs:

There are many reasons to consider a truck rebuild as opposed to a new purchase. Rebuilding is much more cost efficient than buying new, and in many cases, older trucks are much cheaper when it comes to staying on the road.


New trucks have been pushing the envelope in emissions and engine tech – which means that the old diesel engines and trucks have a simplicity about them. Older Semi-Trucks can be repaired easier than newer rigs, and the electronics are much more straight forward.


When you purchase new heavy duty equipment, you’ll be subject to the 12% federal excise tax. Not only that, but according to section 4051 of the IRS code, parts and accessories sold within 6 months of the new purchase are also subject to the excise tax… When you buy new, there’s a litany of extra tax and accounting complexity you’ll face – rebuilding mitigates much of this.


New Diesel engines are required to address and neutralize oxides of nitrogen, or NOx in the exhaust of diesel. The system they use is selective catalytic reduction aftertreatment systems or SCR. These new diesel engines use DEF, or diesel emissions fluid, to spray and burnoff the oxides. The result is a more complex system and additional costs and potential problems. Running out of DEF can damage productivity, and the new sensors and equipment require maintenance and can fail.


New trucks are high priced, spending $160,000 + on a new truck is hefty. Not only is a new truck expensive, but you’ll have additional costs that you can expect down the road after buying new. Diesel Emissions Fluid can be costly as well. There’s an argument that the new semi-trucks are more fuel efficient, and for the steep price of new equipment that better be true.


Maximize Profits

Restoring and rebuilding a diesel truck, whether it’s heavy duty, medium duty, or light duty, can be a great option. Truck Restoration isn’t just for large companies, it’s a great option for small businesses and owner-operators. We’re located just south of Mcstop Truck Stop, and we’d be honored to help develop a plan and pricing for your truck rebuild.

What Trucks do we Rebuild?

  • Ford
  • International
  • Cat Engines
  • Peterbuilt
  • Ram
  • Chevy
  • Mack
  • Kenworth

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