Custom Truck Modification Services

We'll customize your truck to whatever you need. Toolbox, winch, crane or more - Bright Fleet Services Elko New Market & Lakeville Minnesota

Optimize your truck to fit your industry needs.

Thinking of buying a more affordable, used pickup truck and want to make it perfectly fit your industry needs.

Modify your existing equipment to perfectly match your needs.

Bring Us your newly purchased, used machinery that don’t meet your requirements and we’ll transform it into a profitability machine.

Modify & Customize Cab Chasis

You can purchase a Cab Chassis or Frame and we’ll outfit and modify it to exactly what you and your team needs.

Truck Modifications & Truck Accessories Lakeville MN

If you're looking for a truck modification, truck accessory, or looking to customize your truck in any way, then give us a call and we'll help you find the perfect solution.

Your truck makes you money, and we'll keep it optimized & operating.

We sell and install just about every type of truck modification, truck accessory and custom solution you can think of.  

E-Tracks, Flatbeds, Custom Beds, Dump Beds, Van Bodies, Fuel Tanks, Man Baskets.

Flatbed Installation for Trucks Lakeville MN

One area that we've become the market leader in is flatbed trucks.  You can bring us just about any type of chassis or cab, and we'll help you get a flatbed installed on it to fit your precise needs.  Whether you're a tow truck company looking for flatbed help or if you need your fleet to easily transport machinery or UTV's, flatbed installation has become bread and butter for us.

Custom Truck Toolboxes to Stay Profitable

Having the right tool & staying efficient

We'll make sure your truck is optimized perfectly to support your work.  

No more jimmy-rigging tool solutions or settling for time-consuming or even dangerous tool storage on your truck.  We'll help you build a custom toolbox on your truck, and full customize every inch of your fleet, to improve the up-time, efficiency and productivity of your crew.

Truck Modifications for Profitability

Get truck modifications, truck accessory installation, and maintenance to keep you up and running.  Don't settle for anyone else, work with Bright Fleet Services for the highest quality parts & craftsmanship in the truck modification & diesel mechanic industry in Minnesota.

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